Periodic Table Groups

IUPAC Name Old
by element
('group' or 'family')
trivial name
Other names
Group 1 IA IA Lithium group Hydrogen and alkali metals Lithium group excludes hydrogen
Group 2 IIA IIA Beryllium group Alkaline Earth metals
Group 3 IIIA IIIB Scandium group
Group 4 IVA IVB Titanium group
Group 5 VA VB Vanadium group
Group 6 VIA VIB Chromium group
Group 7 VIIA VIIB Manganese group
Group 8 VIII VIIIB Iron group
Group 9 VIII VIIIB Cobalt group
Group 10 VIII VIIIB Nickel group
Group 11 IB IB Copper group Sometimes called coinage metals,
but the set is arbitrary
Group 12 IIB IIB Zinc group Volatile metals
Group 13 IIIB IIIA Boron group Triels Icosagens
Group 14 IVB IVA Carbon group Tetrels Crystallogens
Group 15 VB VA Nitrogen group Pnictogens
Group 16 VIB VIA Oxygen group Chalcogens
Group 17 VIIB VIIA Fluorine group Halogens
Group 18 0 VIIIA Helium group
or Neon group
Noble gases Aerogens
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